(Barcelona, 1989)

Bernat Font is a young pianist of the Catalan music scene. Having started with classical musical at 7 years old, his natural inclination towards improvisation and composition led him to jazz and blues. Pursuing his interest in these styles, he became a disciple of boogie woogie pianist Lluís Coloma and, when he was 19, he was labeled the “young promise of Catalan blues” by magazine JAÇ. Later on he broadened his interests to traditional jazz and swing, was tutored by renowned blind jazz pianist Ignasi Terraza and taught himself stride piano.

A lover of the “old piano” sound, he wanted to absorve the afroamerican styles of music: from the most primitive forms of blues, boogie and ragtime to the more delicate swing of mid 20th century. While continuing to evolve and to broaden his influences, he does not want to lose sight of tradition and origin, and he is one of the few pianists in Spain who plays ragtime and stride piano, parents of swing and therefore of all later jazz.

He started his own jazz trio in 2009, together with Ivan Kovacevic and Martí Elias. The trio has visited several towns in Catalonia and Spain, has toured Serbia three times and has edited two albums, the first of which (The Shout, Swit Records) was awarded Best New Jazz Proposal in the Jaç-Enderrock Awards 2012. The song “Big 3” from the same album was included in the soundtrack of the English movie “Song for Marion / Unfinished song.” The trio, now with bassist Joan Motera, plays mostly Bernat’s own original compositions, which keep their foundation in swing and blues but seek a personal and genuine form of expression, without the limitation of stylistic labels.

He has played with several Spanish musicians and bands like Dani Nel·lo, Big Mama Montse, Ivanow Jazz Group, Barcelona Big Blues Band, Joan Pau Cumellas or La Locomotora Negra, but has also accompanied american singers Mark Tortorici and Eric Shoutin’ Sheridan and has played with Philippine LeJeune and Al Copley. With different bands, he has performed in Colombia, Morocco, France, Serbia and South Korea.

Besides his work on stage, he has composed music for short movies and documentaries and he teaches at Escola de Blues de Barcelona.

Bernat Font - 2014