Piano Sol

Performing solo is one of the favourite activities of this young pianist. The absence of rhythm section is balanced by the use of left hand devices like stride, walking bass or boogie woogie, and it likewise endows Bernat with much more freedom for the arrangements, leaving a lot of space to improvisation, to that moment’s inspiration. Unlike with his trio, the repertoire consists mainly of swing, blues and ragtime standards, travelling through the music of the first half of last century.

During almost one year, he performed weekly at Círcol Maldà, a small theater in Barcelona, under the title “Nits de piano en blanc i negre” (Black & white piano nights). Without platform or microphones, the intimate atmosphere of that excellent venue and the close rapport with the audience inspired sudden changes in harmony or rhythm, pushing both those at the theater seats and the one at the piano stool on a trip together and with no preconceived destination.

Bernat Font has also performed solo at the Blues & Boogie Reunion (Jazz Cava de Terrassa), at the JazzClass Festival and at the Nit del Blues (Festival de Jazz Voll-Damm, Barcelona).

Bernat Font - 2014